Gemlight programming is committed to growth and spirituality.  The instruction challenged me to test my comfort zone and search for truth.  Time spent in these classes will benefit not only your physical health, with learning Yoga and breathing techniques, but also mental health. I've gained practical and applicable advice to meet any adversity with a smile. 


- Mental Skills Coach for Team Italy Baseball

Everyone benefits from mindfulness/Yoga, especially kids! We took part in Gemlight children's programming at our school and it was a HUGE success! Children were taught "I Messages", given hands-on tools to regulate themselves and taught deep breathing techniques. We also did fun Yoga poses like "Leaping Frog" and "Rock and Roll". These teachings helped my students to have tools to bring themselves back to a calm state.  It helps to remind us that we are all on our own journey in taking care of our mental health.


-Private School Business Owner

I recently attended my first Hot Yoga class.  I was provided with excellent instructions, especially for my first Yoga class! The instructors voice was very warm and welcoming. Great workout! I felt comfortable as the class wasn't rushed and there were great examples of each pose.  After attending the class, I am definitely joining as a weekly member!


-Administrator for Retirement Services

I had a Gemlight Yoga session.  During that session, the instructor offered several yoga poses and I found the class to be easy going for my current level of Yoga


- Ministry of Labour, Training, Skills and Development

Having taken part in the Foundational Flow at Hot Yoga Wellness, was truly a moving and mindful experience.  Finally returning to Yoga after quite some time off, this was in fact my first class postpartum. The instructor, Gemma made every effort in allowing the class to be instructed in a way that met the needs and bodies of those participating.  From the soothing sound and tone of her voice, encompassed by the sound of the music, it created a perfect vibe.  Gemma provided modifications for all poses and breaths, ensuring that each and every individual was present in both body and mind.  Personally, I felt most at peace during my practice, and even more so, left the class with exactly what I needed mentally, physically and emotionally. Truly an experience worth returning for! Thank you Gemlight!


-TCDSB Elementary School Teacher

Perfect way to end an evening is taking Gemlight's Mystical Yoga Class at Coloured Soul Yoga and Wellness. The instructor, Gemma clearly explains each movement with grace and I've never felt so relaxed while still challenging my body at the same time.  75 min flew by and I didn't even notice it!


- Workforce Planner

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