About Gemlight  

About Gemlight Education, Yoga and Wellness

Gemlight instruction is grounded in the belief of strength and emancipation through Yoga, meditation and breath work.  Authentic Hatha and Vinyasa approaches help clients to cultivate a connection between the mind, body and spirit.  With a compassionate approach, each practice invites awareness of the body, release and expansion through each breath and pose.  Children's programming provides the opportunity for kids to develop knowledge about nature and sustainability, through a fun, interactive and hands-on approach.  All classes help students to honor where they are in each moment and allow for a transformative experience to unfold.  It is in this space where the body can heal, develop and find light within. 

All classes are taught by an experienced Ontario Certified Teacher with more than 12 years of service, alongside 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Children's Yoga Teacher training in progress. 

Gemlight Education, Yoga and Wellness services help to guide you to your space of wellness based on your intentions.  Gemlight is here to support your vision and help you develop your wellness goals. 

Classes and Offerings

Hatha Yoga

A slow paced class with controlled movements and stretching. Hatha is a preferred style of Yoga for beginners.

Vinyasa Yoga

Anchored with the breath, Vinyasa  classes have a fast paced flow incorporating traditional poses and movement.

Hot Flow Yoga

Practiced in a heated room while flowing through a sequence of mixed styles of Yoga. Infrared heating and movement aid to detoxify the mind and body.

Private Classes

Private classes directed towards your specific needs and goals.  One-on-one classes are offered, along with classes within a small pod or bubble.  You can connect and practice regularly with support from your pod members.


Educational, Yoga or Wellness classes can be offered for your own private events.  Various happenings will also be taking place with GemLight Yoga.  

Stay tuned for wellness events as they become available.

Breath work and Meditation

Guided meditation paired with soft sounds and essential oils to prepare the body and mind for relaxation. Various breathing techniques used to assist with calming and grounding of the self.

Mindful and Environmental Education for Kids

Creative Arts and Drama 

In this program, creative play designated group activities along with direct dramatic skills are embraced. This class aims to develop socialization, self expression and innovative thought. Various activities provide space for children to gain self confidence, while developing agency and personal development. 

Mindfulness and Yoga (Youth/Children/families)

 Focusing on activities centered around self love and discovery, tools for breath work and mindfulness are provided to ground into the mind and body. These practices take place  in tandem with stretching and moving the body in various poses, to release any tension and develop physical strength.  A wonderful program to help develop self-regulation,  relaxation and joy!

Environmental Sustainability and Education 

      Hands on activities focused on care and respect for the environment, with learning focused on sustainability and love and care for Mother Earth. Opportunities include outdoor learning, engagement with nature and knowledge of ecological literacy.

*All children's programming is aligned with Ontario curriculum goals to develop mental health, physical activity and wellness.