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A Healing Journey 

  One pose & breath at a time 


 Mindful & Environmental Education for kids

Meditation & Breath work

  Specializing in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga style flows, mindful/environmental programming for children & youth and meditational breath work. Each session will help ground you into your practice and develop healthy and mindful habits for you and your families. Whether you aspire to create a healthier lifestyle, develop strength, heal your heart and mind, or simply to relax with the breath, Yoga and mindful educational experiences can meet you where you are. The Gemlight goal is to help you connect to yourself as an expansive and immersive experience. Hold faith that YOU are your best tool for growth and learning. 

  Gemlight Education, Yoga & Wellness is here as a pillar of light, to help guide you towards your personal goals, needs and capabilities.

Off the Rails: A Recovery Podcast

Season 2-Episode 2

Discussion on benefits of Yoga and how the practice can be used to support recovery and addiction. 

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